Sunday, 16 June 2013

Blog tours, looking for hosts. Otherkin Spirits book 1 and 2. Distubed Fate: 10-23 July & Disturbed Connections: 14-27 August

I'm back with another release, two actually. Otherkin Spirits, my new series is split up in two sets of releases. This year the Disturbed half of the series will come out. Disturbed Fate and Disturbed Connections, next year the other two books (the Tranquil half) will be released, also during the summer.

Otherkin Spirits is a series of New Adult gay books of different genres but all in the same Urban Fantasy setting.
The first book, Disturbed Fate, is about a seer and what happens when they find out that fate has changed, especially when that realisation brings forth a new problem, if the fate stays changed people will die. Disturbed Fate is about how four young men try to figure out when that fate changed and how to solve it, before they will lose someone else. The story is a traditional/normal Urban Fantasy and Paranormal crossover with a very light touch of romance.
The second book, Disturbed Connections, is about two young men, divided by who they are, one a lycan, the other a psychic vampire. The question is, how can a lycan, on the run from his clan, and a psychic vampire, who because of his "problem" was never able to live a normal life, make their forbidden relationship work? The story is build on a traditional romance outline but set in the same world as Disturbed Fate.

So, what am I looking for?
I'm looking for blogs where I can do blog posts, interviews, other interesting things.

When am I looking for them?
In two time periods, for Disturbed Fate I'm looking for places for 10-23rd of July and for Disturbed Connections I'm looking for places for 14-27th of August.

What will I provide?
Anything for the post, that goes from an image of the cover of the book, to an excerpt of the book to author info.
I can even provide review copies, though that might be short notice for some people.

How can you help out?
If you want to be part of this tour, send me an email with 3 things:
- the name of your blog and the url of it
- the date you would like to host for the tour (check at the end of the post for the dates that are still available)
- the type of post you would like to do, this can be: "base post" (this is the cover, the blurb, an excerpt, author info and buy links), a post on a topic related to my series or your blog (please also email me what you would like me to write about), an interview (with me or one of my characters) or anything else you can come up with.

Here is a list of my old blog tours, so you can see what kind of things I've done before:
Don't worry if you've got a similar idea as that I've written about before, the two book series are vastly different so the posts will be too.

If you're interested email me at




Disturbed Fate
10 July (Wed) TAKEN
11 July (Thur) TAKEN
12 July (Fri) TAKEN
13 July (Sat)  TAKEN
14 July (Sun) TAKEN
15 July (Mon) TAKEN
16 July (Tue) TAKEN
17 July (Wed) TAKEN
18 July (Thur) TAKEN
19 July (Fri) TAKEN
20 July (Sat) TAKEN
21 July (Sun) TAKEN
22 July (Mon) TAKEN
23 July (Tues) TAKEN

Disturbed Connections
14 August (Wed) TAKEN
15 August (Thurs) TAKEN
16 August (Fri) TAKEN
17 August (Sat) TAKEN
18 August (Sun) TAKEN
19 August (Mon) TAKEN
20 August (Tue) TAKEN
21 August (Wed) TAKEN
22 August (Thur) TAKEN
23 August (Fri) TAKEN
24 August (Sat)
25 August (Sun) TAKEN
26 August (Mon) TAKEN
27 August (Tue)