Sunday, 27 May 2012

I finished Black Sheep!!! And here is where I go next!

On 22 Feb 2012 I posted that I started the last part of Black Sheep, about a week ago I finished it, the 20th of May. Which means that this last instalment has taken me about 3 months to write. Which is a huge step up from the other parts. Part One has taken me about 3 years to write, Part two about a year and this around three months. Which for me is crazy fast.

I had been planning on writing about this earlier on but live got in the way, but now I'm able to free some of my time up again.
Right now I'm in the process of both editing and trying to come up with a title/cover for my short story collection. I'm out of any ideas but I think it'll work some way. I should probably first edit the stories some more before I start working on the title. Like I said, life has gotten in the way and I haven't found a lot of time for my writing.

So the important question is: What will happen to Black Sheep now?
First, I will still keep updating a chapter every two weeks (this Wednesday is the next time), this will (according to my calculations) run till the end of November. In this time I will mainly work on getting Disturbed Fate ready for publication.
I might be able to get some edits done in that time for Black Sheep but I don't expect it to be a lot. This autumn I'll be going into my last year of university so it's going to be busy enough anyway.
I am going to release Black Sheep with edits in an ebook form, but don't expect this to be before 2013. It does need quite a lot of edits and I'll probably also add a few short stories to the ebook versions to spice things up.
So, yes, the updates will keep coming, no don't expect an ebook release of it this year, yes expect them for 2013.

In the mean time I'm planning on being interviewed by Nephylim and will probably do a few posts about different parts of Black Sheep in the future.
But first of all, next week CampNaNoWriMo will start which will have me largely focussed on Disturbed Fate and also the release of my still nameless short short story collection of fantasy stories which will come out at the start of July.

I'll leave you with the last line of the story:
The airplane is leaving in about an hour, we need to hurry, we have a wedding to attend.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I bet you want a release date, right? ;)

So, yes, I'm back! Sort of... More on that later ;)

I finished my second year of university almost 2 weeks ago, which both seems really far away and really close at the same time. The only thing left is waiting on my results now.
For the past 2 weeks I've been doing all sorts of things, mostly having quite a few social responsibilities and fixing up things to live at my parents place or my boyfriends place over summer. I haven't really gotten that much writing done yet. I've yet again found that writing 12K worth of words in less than a week is very VERY stressful and I've yet to fully recover from it. Plus that writing essays and fiction are two totally different things and require a different mindset. Sometimes I do wish that it was the same though, writing my story as an essay, though it would probably end up only be 5 pages instead of 500... Especially the way I write. ;)

Soooooooo, I've been saying that I'll have a special thing for this summer and I think it's time I'll tell you what it is.

Around the first of July I will release a short story collection with magical realism stories.
Not long, about 5000 to 6000 words in total. Some nothing more than flash fiction and some are a bit longer.
I'm really really excited about it! More details will be revealed in the next month or so but I can tell you this: I LOVED writing them! I hope you will like reading them just as much!

So yes, that is the thing I've been talking about lately. On a different note, I'm still working on getting Black Sheep done (Nephylim will be happy once I finally do), and I'm trying really hard to finish them before CampNaNo.
For CampNaNo I will be a rebel. I'm going to try to simultaneously type out and edit Disturbed Fate so I'll have a decently working manuscript in July. Since Disturbed Fate is a NaNo novel to begin with the wordcount is a nice thing that will keep me in the spirit of NaNo even though I'm not writing something new. CampNaNoWriMo is the same as NaNoWriMo but takes place in June and August, the time of summer camps. I didn't know this exsisted until right before NaNo last year but I'm planning on getting back into the groove with all the lovely people at CampNaNo. If you're looking for what NaNoWriMo is, I wrote quite a few posts on it last October, you can find hem: here.

If you're looking for something to read while waiting on my collection here are two writers I know that have just released new awesome books! Both are second in their series.
The first is Nephylim, who released Fighting the Man, Enigma book 2. I loved the first book of Enigma where a young doctor is asked to take charge of a lovely young man who has lost his memory, but as the young doctor gets to know his patient he realises he loves him and wants to help him. That this is not going to be an easy task is to be expected and especially of a story written by Nephylim. I love her for her angsty and dark stories and this second book in the series promises to be even more dark than the first one! You can pick up a copy here: Fighting the Man - Nephylim
The second one is Daisy Harris, I've done a review of her book College Boys before and LOVED it! Just last night she released the second book in the series. Men of Holsum College is a series about a small college with very very hot men on it. I found College Boys to be very sweet but her second in the series, Diva and the Frat Boy seems to be a slightly more confrontational novel, for the characters anyway. You can pick up a copy of her second novel here: Diva and the Frat Boy - Daisy Harris or read the review I wrote here: Review for College Boys.

So look forward to the start of July and I'll try to keep on schedule and not get too distracted by Diablo 3.

Write on!


P.S. Don't forget to check my website tomorrow for a new chapter of Black Sheep!