Saturday, 30 June 2012

Magical Roads is LIVE!!!

I totally forgot to tell you all about you this before, I kind of referred to it a couple of times but Magical Roads a short story collection has gone LIVE today.

Magical Roads is a collection of 4 magical realism stories. The stories are all young adult stories with themes like defying your parents, love, secrets and other things teens face on a regular base.

The collection is available in the Kindle stores here: / / .de / .fr / .it   People with kindles from those countries can easily buy them there.
For those without kindles the easiest way of getting your hands on the book is by getting it at Smashwords where you can buy the book with paypal.

Magical Roads is also part of the Smashwords summer/winter sale and available for free for the whole of July!

I hope you'll all have fun with it :)