Monday, 18 June 2012

I got tagged for Lucky Seven and Kreativ Blogger award

I was surprised this morning when I found a tweet that I had been tagged on twitter because I had been part of a blog post. Mike Manz apparently tagged me in a Lucky Seven and Kreativ Blogger Award post a while ago, and since I have to admit that I do not read his blog, I hadn't seen it yet (though now I do follow it). But I was glad to be tagged since things like this are fun to do. I've done a lucky seven in the past but since I can't seem to find it I won't link to it.

Mike Manz is a writer, parent and all sorts of things. I've ran into him in the past on CritiqueCircle a website dedicated to improving your own and each others writing. I was surprised by his Kreativ Blogger Award point 1, since I don't know a lot of people who speak multiple languages.

Okay, so here we go.

Lucky Seven.

Lucky Seven rules are easy:
  1. Cut and paste into your blog the seven lines starting on the seventh line of either page 7 or page 77 of your current work in progress.
  2. Tag 7 other people.
Simple, Non? Well, not exactly for me as I'm working on a short story collection and I haven't formatted the file yet. But here are the lines from Magical Roads, page seven, line 8 to 14.

I hadn't come a day too early since I could have hurt the baby dragon or myself badly with the way I kept it wrapped in a towel. Apparently keeping it warm was a bad idea.
In the house I moved to lived ten other girls and three boys, our eggs were all due to hatch in the same week. I hadn't seen any other dragons yet but it was late when I arrived so it wasn't such a surprise. As I went to sit in the living room, ready for some tv before bed, I found the other reason people went to bed early. There was no tv, no computer, no videogames, nothing. The others offered me stupid books but I went to bed instead.
 Interesting place I have to admit, combining exactly what the story is about in only a few lines, normal world and the magical world in one.

Kreativ Blogger Award

This one seems harder for me, but still seems interesting.

The Rules for this challenge are apparently that I have to thank the one that tagged me, give seven interesting facts about myself and nominate seven people to do this thing too.

Firstly, thanks Mark Manz, I didn't even know people actually read this blog for anything other than my weird NaNo posts from last year and my Writing guide. I'm always happy to find people read my blogs.

Okay, seven interesting facts:

1. People are often surprised to find I love videogames.

Some people might be surprised that others are surprised, but I often encounter that when in a mixed gender group guys talk about videogames with my boyfriend and girls try to talk about other things or whine about their boyfriends and their videogames. I then usually have to ask them to please shut up cause I'm paying attention to the other conversation.
Yes, I love videogames, I don't always have the time to play them, but that doesn't know I don't love them.

2. I'm a total nerd and love talking about linux and different OS's.

I have a very strong opinion about linux and the good and bad things about them. I love playing around on a computer to find a distro that will give me exactly what I want and need. Though I often come back to Windows, see #1 why ;)

3. I speak 4 languages and when also counting scripting languages a lot more.

I'm Dutch, so I speak Dutch. But my most fluent language is English, which I'm also studying at the moment and in which I've been writing for the past 5 or so years. In secondary school I've had 6 years of French and 5 years of German, both of which I was always nearly failing even though I can understand (read and listen to) both quite well. A couple of years ago this was pretty standard for teens in the Netherlands.
But something that I understand better than most languages is how scripting languages work. I seem to pick up things pretty fast, even now, I can code a website pretty well, but I usually refuse to since my designing skills are crap.

on from #3 -> 4. But my biggest passion has always been maths.

Maths is probably even a bigger passion for me than writing. I don't use it often any more, since I don't always like what or how they teach maths. But I can play around for hours with a few numbers just to entertain myself. I used to have a game in which I took the numbers of the classroom I had a class in and tried to equalise them to another number. Aka: I had class in room 233 and my number was 7. I could use number 2 two times and number 3 three times. For this equation it's not too hard, 2 times 2 is 4 (which I was allowed to use four times) and 4 plus 3 is 7. But I would normally use bigger numbers.
This is a game I still play with myself when I'm bored, I use phone numbers or anything I find.

5. I once watched an anime in Japanese with Spanish subtitles and understood the story.

I don't speak Japanese or Spanish but understood the quite difficult story. I really wanted to watch the anime but youtube didn't have a Japanese version with English subtitles. Through the years my Japanese has gotten to the point where I can understand some of what is going on in a story, which more than once has helped me out with lazy subbers. So I could understand globally what was going on in some scenes. The other part I could understand by reading the subtitles even though I don't speak Spanish. A lot of the words look similar (no wonder since they come from the same language) though are not fully the same.
With a combination of basic French and a lot of years of watching anime I could understand what was going on, even though I didn't speak either language.

6. I love music, no matter the language (Dutch being an exception to this).

I've got bands from all over the world in my music lists. At the moment I listen to a lot of Japanese bands of the Visual Kei genre (list I'm listening to right now is here: Mindfuck). I've had lots of conversations with people who can't understand how I can listen to music that is in a language I don't speak. What most of these people don't understand usually is that I grew up with tv I could not understand, I saw Power Rangers when I was about 6 and could both not understand English or read subtitles fast enough. Plus my family quite often listens to music that isn't in English or Dutch.
So I grew up basically listening to the music itself and how the words match a song, not the actual words themselves.
Dutch is an exception, I've yet to find a song sang in Dutch that I can listen to, not sure why.

7. I love baking weird coloured cakes.

That was the cake of last years birthday party, I even made a blog post on how to make it: Multicoloured cake. (which is also my most visited post I have ever written)
Ever since my boyfriend and I have made multiple ones. I'm still waiting on the pics of the one from a few weeks ago.
People are often scared off by all the colours these cakes have but there haven't been a lot of people who wouldn't like a piece of it. I love standing in the kitchen for two days just to show off one of these amazing cakes.

So, now for the tagging of other people. I won't add the two up but I'll just choose 7 people and let them decide for themselves which of the two to choose.

1. Nephylim (
2. Bliss (
3. Katie (
4. Lauren (
5. Len (
6. Jaime (
7. Gord (

These are all awesome people that I've met through all sorts of places, sometimes twitter, sometimes CritiqueCircle and sometimes other places. All awesome people who all have interesting stories.

(PS, those that accept the challenge, please post below where you've posted ;) )

Write on!