Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Black Sheep is now into it's last stage, Part 3 has started.

Black Sheep, my long time WIP has now gone into it's last stage. Until the end of November I will update a chapter of this last part every 2 weeks. Which should nicely line up with the release of my first full novel Disturbed Fate, I'd love to tell you about it but I won't until I'm closer to the release date.

Black Sheep Part 2 ended on a sad note and Part 3 takes off just a few hours after the events. Everybody is hurt, confused and out looking for comfort, but that doesn't seem to come as easy as some would like.

Part 3 will re-introduce old characters, invite some new ones and pushes the ones you have known since Part 1 to the limit of what they can handle.

Black Sheep Part 3, Chapter 1

Black Sheep, an online serial by Kia Zi Shiru can be found on Wordpress and Blogspot

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The artificiality of outlining

(I started this post elsewhere and totally lost it since it didn't auto safe for me... of course... So I'll start over again)

Last night I finished 2 chapters for Black Sheep Part 3, finishing up all the chapters I already had parts written for. After shutting down my computer and putting away my writing gear I looked at my outline, and found that if I was going to make this story work I had to change the way I worked it. I have 5 mayor events happening in this part of the story, event A, B, C, D and E. They are all dependent on each other and only work if spaces out right. While looking at the poster I realised that to make the transformation from event A to B to C work I needed to space them out differently. As it stands now, A is the first chapter, B is chapter 6 and C is chapter 10. But after finishing these chapters and two more in between I realised that to make some of the happenings plausible I needed to spread them out further, I could not have the events and the time span plausible and workable in the way it was planned right now.
Before writing I had spend some time deciding to put B or C on chapter 10, knowing that both were really important to the stuff around it. As it was standing I chose to put C at chapter 10, thinking I could possibly make it work. Which I now found out didn't. Putting events on my outline is artificial, I know things that are going to happen but I sometimes can't figure out exactly where.
This is why I love using large pieces of papers or white boards to plan my story, they enable me to see what is happening where, without intruding on the creative process of moving stuff around.
For NaNoWriMo 2011 I used white boards to plan everything out and something I thought might have been the end of the story turned into the halfway point of the story, quite a change in a 50K word story.

Artificiality of an outline is not a bad thing for me. This way I can work towards something while still keeping other parts of the story open. Artificiality gives goals, not walls.

What do you think about artificiality and outlines, do you think they give you more freedom or do you find them constricting?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Black Sheep Part 2 Last Chapter!

Black Sheep is now 2/3 through. Part 2 is finished, leaving only Part 3 until the full end of the story.
Here is the new chapter! Darker than any of the previous chapters I've written, probably darker than anything I've written in my whole life.
Black Sheep, Part 2, Chapter 20:

Just to remind you, here is the start of the story, Part 1, chapter 1:
Vic just wants the last two years at his new high school to be calm, boring even. But the kiss from his best friend at New Years throws that out the window and then there is his past that doesn't seem to stop haunting him. Will he be able to form new relationships and let go of old ones?
Part 2, Chapter 1:
Part 2:
Vic has gone through the bad and is trying to come out of the other end. Will he be able to put the past behind him for good? Will he be to salvage his relationships? Can he love purely again?