Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NaNo2011, day 30. I FINISHED NANO and why I should be ashamed of myself...

So, I did it, I finished NaNo with a few hours to spare... Which is really good!!!
And I did it all by hand! Which is even better as I now can't just randomly share the whole story before I truly worked it over ;) (Believe me, hands do not get prettier from writing by hand...)

I now could go on explaining what I did in that week I have no new words (Uni work and a Rift 1.6 Patch mainly ;) ). But I rather explain about something else, a small thing that is kind of making me less happy than I should be...

****** I do understand how upset I sound in the next part, I was by the point of writing the post awake for 20+ hours. I was not in the sanest of minds. My excuses for that up front******

This is my first novel that I finished.

Yes, I'll repeat that...

This is my first novel I have finished.

I've been seriously writing since I was 12 (apart from a few gaps). Back in the day I started with a novel that spanned over 30 or so years time, 10 years for generation 1 and about the same amount of years for generation 2 that takes place about 10 years later. It was called (translated from Dutch ;) ) "The story of the hunter". It was a scifi story, taking place on a boarding school that was situated at the other side of the sun, we could never see it because the sun protects us from seeing it, only those with blood of the originals (those who come from the world) can see it. It also gave a nice reason why people evolved from monkeys to people, the people from the planet used us as guinea pig.
The first generation sets place in the 10 years before a war and the second generation are the children born right after the war has torn the planets social and economical structure apart.
Though the story does not revolve around the war, it revolves around friendships, drugs use and abuse, mental illness, terminal illnesses, teen pregnancies and all sorts of things.
I did get quite far in this story, and the idea still speaks to me but it would need a major overhaul.
BUT, I never finished it, I have probably worked at this story from 2000 to 2005. That was basically my whole highschool. But it is not finished, not by far. This is the only novel I have ever written in my native language, Dutch.

My second novel, Black Sheep, a slice of life/angst YA novel, is the story I'm still working on. You can read it here on my blog, it has 60 chapters of 1K, divided over over 3 large story archs. I started writing it as soon as I deemed my English good enough for it. The first original draft of the first chapters are so bad I don't dare to look at them at this time, they are now in a 3rd or 4th draft and I can read them without wanting to change too much. I have come a long way between then and now, but also a long time. The original first chapters are written somewhere around 2007/2008 and involved characters slightly older than myself, now I am older than them. Not that it is a bad thing, but I still am only on chapter 40. Around December/January I am going to get the last story arch set up. Most of the time between 07/08 and now has been spend on the first 20 chapters, I only finished those September 2010. The second story arch, I finished at the end of September this year. So with this track record I hopefully finish the third story arch somewhere before the summer of 2012. Though I am hoping I might be able to pull it off way before that.
I might be able to talk about wanting to finish this story... I haven't yet.

I haven't finished either of them.

But I did finish NaNo2011, a story written in the paranormal/fantasy spectrum, the age went up again, all the characters are in their early 20's. I have done a lot of things I have either not tried before or that I hadn't done in a long time, like writing in the close 3rd person in the past tense, switching between two characters (Black Sheep has 4). But I finished it.

I finished NANOWRIMO2011!!
and am ashamed this is my first novel that I finished.

Write on!


I am not looking for pity, I simply wanted to share this odd experience I had over my winning with other writers.