Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Update 28 December 2011

Todays update is about two things. New Black Sheep chapter is up on the regular places and I wrote a blogpost about how to make a multi coloured cake (written in both English and Dutch).

Black Sheep Part 2, Chapter 17
Wordpress / Blogspot / GayAuthors / FictionPress

Easy Rainbow tiered cake
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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Separate blog for my serial story and other things

I just finished up my post-NaNo blogpost, which is posted on my Wordpress account and Blogspot account:
My NaNoWriMo2011 experience & how I'm going to finish the year 2011
Wordpress / Blogspot

For the past week I've been working on ways to get my main story back into first place of my writing attention, which has worked I must say. The only things I still need to do are creating banners and covers for them, which is not going as well as I would like but I'll figure something out.
Black Sheep has been updated on multiple websites to chapter 16 of Part 2 and some more websites will soon follow.
Black Sheep has gotten separate blogs from my normal blogs since it started to dominate the blogs too much, which was never the intention to begin with. Short stories and small pieces of stories will still be shared here and I will put posts here when I update a new chapter or other interesting news about the story, but all the chapters can now be found (and followed) in the next places:
Black Sheep by Kia Zi Shiru (an online serial)
Wordpress / Blogspot
Expect a few changes in layout and looks when I've got the covers and banners done but most of it is as it will stay.

Of course, this weeks update:
Black Sheep Part 2, Chapter 16
Wordpress / Blogspot / GayAuthors / Fictionpress
Please leave a message if you've read it, I always like to hear from readers.

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My NaNoWriMo2011 experience & how I'm going to finish the year 2011

So, December has started. NaNo is officially over all around the world for a while now, I hope everybody was able to catch their breath. So how was it all? To be honest, it was a huge blur for me ;)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NaNo2011, day 30. I FINISHED NANO and why I should be ashamed of myself...

So, I did it, I finished NaNo with a few hours to spare... Which is really good!!!
And I did it all by hand! Which is even better as I now can't just randomly share the whole story before I truly worked it over ;) (Believe me, hands do not get prettier from writing by hand...)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

#NaNoWriMo, Post 6, 2 days left. How does my plot look and my time chedule

So, it's been a while, or about 16 days to be more precise. What I've done? Well, first my boyfriend had his half-term break so he came to visit me for the week, then I had my half-term break and I visited my parents and boyfriend. All very fun but one thing I loved the most, my boyfriend had whiteboards!! Yes, those amazing white boards that make planning so much easier ^^ sadly enough I did not really make any pictures(that do not include huge plot points ;) )...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Post 5, 18 days left.

So yes, 18 days for me, I rum GMT so for me it's already the 13th, although I still feel like it's the 12th ;) Let's not go into my strange sleeping habits.

A couple of hours after I did my last blog post they finally updated the NaNoWriMo website, and it does look quite nice. Although, like last year, I still have trouble finding everything on the forums, but that might be sorted in a couple of days, as they are still in the process of updating. What they did update nicely is the novel part!
Get your synopsis ready and fill out your novel profile. Here is mine for Disturbed Fate.

I saw something interesting on the forums, people were opening topics about writing down your plot in a certain amount of words (I have come across 15 and 20 word versions). I thought that we could possibly start another trend on twitter. Maybe some of us can find interesting writers to follow by reading their plot. If we write our plot in the hashtag #NaNoPlot we might be able to share more NaNo love more globally.
So use #NaNoPlot to get your plot out to others and find people that write stories that you like. Try to fit the important things in just one tweet, it's more letters than you can use for the topics on the forum but I think it might still be quite hard. And who knows what interesting stories you might find?

The last thing I want to mention today is that Smashwords have a promotion on their website for NaNo'ers.
You can upload your book there and haver it set to in progress so that you can share your work with friends, family, etc but not have to worry about where you put it. It is interesting especially if you need other people to make sure you are on track with NaNo, but also when you just like to share what you do.
I'm not sure yet if I'll join but I'll look into it more at a later date, right now my characters need some love.

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Old NaNoWriMo 2011 posts:
It's almost October, which means almost almost NaNoWriMo time! (about what NaNoWriMo is)
NaNo 2011, Post 1, 34 days to go! (My plan on how to prepare for NaNoWriMo and writers tip: Focus Writer)
NaNo 2011, Post 2, 31 days to go! (More on my plan and writers tip: NaNo adoption forum)
NaNo 2011, Post 3, 23 days to go! (Word counts, Tips & Tricks and writers tip: yWriter)
NaNo 2011, Post 4, 21 days to go! (Plot and outlining)

Monday, 10 October 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Post 4, 21 days to go! Plots and outlines.

So, we are crossing the 3 week line today, time to panic not about getting to the right word count on time but to create a workable plot/outline. The NaNoWriMo hastag (#NaNoWriMo) is getting full of people stressing out by now and it's lovely to know I'm not the only one freaking out.

So, my story is starting to come along, I've tried two ways to get the story outline down to paper but neither have done more than entertain me about how I always need to be difficult in everything I do. A bad habit of mine. So I'll fall back on my own way of outlining and I'll try to show how I do this with some pictures, it's not hard, and possibly not even weird but it just very paper intensive.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

NaNo 2011, Post 3, 23 days to go! Tips & Tricks

I've actually started to slightly get together a plot, I've got characters (but they are still missing names ;) ) and I've got... okay that is it ;) So yeah, I'm going for a vampire story with a twist.

But today I'm not gonna be talking about my NaNo preparations, I'm going to be talking about how to make sure that you don't suddenly end up with too few words on the last day of NaNo (which has happened before, so don't freak out already), some ways to keep track of your word count and your to-do count and end with a couple of tips. Tip of the post program is Simon Hayes' yWriter.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

NaNo 2011, Post 1, 34 days to go!

So, first post for NaNo.
This is scary, I had totally forgotten about NaNo last year and tried to get the planning part done in the last couple of days, plus I changed to a different story on the first day, which had had no planning at all... EEEP >.<'
I did about 3000 to 4000 words and just gave up. I was in my first year of uni, away from home (and home country), had a lot of work to do for my classes and was tired. Not a good way to start.

So this year I'm getting prepared.
The plan is this:
- Finish Black Sheep Part 2 before October 1. Almost done here, I've got 3 days left and 1800 words to go. This is doable.
- Do as much for uni work as possible in October. This means finishing up my first play, write the second one, read more books for Womans Writings and learn how to pick apart a poem. On top of that I need to write some more poems and start planning an essay.
- PLAN NANO! But only after I finish Black Sheep part 2. Right now I'm kind of cheating as I was not supposed to do anything NaNo before I finished BS but I'm just too exited.

I'm hoping I can kind of stick to this plan... Hoping being the important word. >.<'

So as a gem of help I'll share a fun writing program that I used last year for NaNo and have been using ever since for writing pieces where I should not be distracted at all.
Focus Writer
It's really easy to use and has all sorts of pretty options, like being able to get all the bars out of the way and having a timer or a wordcount to set goals for the session. Also, you can change the background and the colour of the text. So even though it looks really simple you can change a lot and make it your own. Mine is a black background and green letters in a very blocky type. I like the ease of it on my mind. You can try what you like best!

See you next time!
Happy Writing!


It's almost October, which means almost almost NaNo time!

Before I'm talking about NaNoWriMo I'll just list some other fun things that are coming up soon. Writers Digest is having a couple of competitions going on and I thought it would be interesting to share them here.

They run through the whole of October, every (other) week a new genre deadline and the last one is on October 31.
Check the guidelines for each genre separately but these are the global guidelines:

  • 4,000 words or less
  • Acceptable file types: doc, docx, rtf, pdf
  • 8.5×11 page size  |  Double-spaced throughout
  • 1-inch margins on top and bottom  |  1.25-inch margins on left and right sides
  • Arial, Courier or Times font  |  12 point font size
  • Entry fee: $20.00

The first batch is coming up really fast and is October 1 for the genres: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Thriller/Suspense and Young Adult Fiction.
The next deadline is for October 15 for Romance.
Followed by October 22 for Crime and ending on October 31 with Horror.

Ofcourse, according to some what you can win is important too, these are the prices:
  • First Prize: The First Place-Winner receives $1,000 cash, promotion in Writer’s Digest, $100 worth of Writer’s Digest Books and the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market.
  • Second Prize: The Second Place-Winner receives $500 cash, promotion in Writer’s Digest, $100 worth of Writer’s Digest Books and the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market.
  • Honorable Mention: Honorable Mentions will receive promotion in Writer’s Digest and the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market.
Which I think is quite interesting, you will not only get prices but also a lot of publicity! Which of course every writer wants!

So now for the other part of this blog.
(Sorry no pretty picture yet as the NaNo website has not been filled up with fun stuff for this year yet.)

So, what does NaNoWriMo mean?
NaNoWriMo (often shortened to just NaNo) is short (yes this is short) for National Novel Writing Month. But for most writers it means crazy intense writing for a month.

What is NaNo then?
NaNo is a competition where you write a novel of 50.000 words, yes you read that right 50k words, in the 30 days that November holds. It starts at 00.00 November 1 and ends 23.59 on November 30.
When you write it down like that it doesn't seem to hard but try coming up with about 1667 words EVERY DAY of November. It's hard but in the end it is worth it.

Who can join?
Everybody can join, and the best part of all, you don't have to compete with people from different time zones. The NaNo website keeps track of the timezone you are in and thus you really have from 00.00 November 1 to 23.59 November 30.

What is the catch?
It's hard, that is the catch. Try to be prepared as possible when you start, have outlines, have characters written down, etc. Most of us will have to combine NaNo with work or school/uni. I'd say, try to get as much work done up front and don't tire yourself too much during October!

What if I like to join but don't like to write a novel?
On the NaNo forums there is a special part for those called Rebels. Rebels are those that are doing NaNo but are not writing novels. Some are writing plays, some are writing a memoir or whatever else you can think of. As long as you get 50k words down in the month (or the equivalent of that in whatever medium you use) you have won.

So sign up on the website and get planning!
I will keep a blog to share my experiences from today onward in planning for NaNo, combining it with uni work and I'll also share some nice tips and goodies that I come across.
Happy Writing!